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2018 Joe Martin Stage Race, Day 4

Thank you Snowy Mountain Photography for all you give to the sport!

That is a wrap on getting our first PRT under our belt for the Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek Development Team. The Joe Martin Stage Race was a fun and like we expect, a strong learning experience for the team. Scott Mcgill finished up 6th and Evan Bausbacher 22nd in the U23 GC. Matt Zimmer was 17th and Scott Mcgill was 20th in the overall GC. Congratulations to Holowesko Citadel on the GC overall win and Elevate on the yesterdays Criterium Stage win.

We have a lot of things to work on and tweak as a Team but that is why we are called a development team. Talents, strengths, weakness, illness, doubt, confidence, fear and confusion is just a part of growing for these guys. With tough conversations also comes the highlighting the wins. We all see what went wrong in a race and learning from this is vital but just as important is celebrating the wins and our commitment on growing the strengths. We are super pumped for the Tour of Gila next week where Daniel Lausin, Brett Wachtendorf and Sean Gardner will be joining the squad.

A special thank you to our host housing family for taking such great care of the Team! We heard all about the amazing meals Becky cooked and how super helpful Dave was. These families that put up their home, time and resources up for a group of strangers is invaluable to teams like ours. We have a very small budget and we have to count every peanut, we could not afford to do these races without these families and we consider them a vital part of our program. It is always great to get feedback like this...."We looked forward to having the Team return and stay with us again this year. They are a wonderful group of young men". Thanks Becky and Dave, we appreciate you so much and all you do for the sport of cycling!!

Silver City, here we come, see you all at the Tour of Gila!!! Check out the Race Bible and get a feel for all the work and details put into these events along with all the sponsors that make it happen. Having the races we have in the US should never be taken for granted and appreciation to the cities and all the people and businesses that make it happen is how we can continue to grow and get more races on our calendar. Support the small businesses, pick up your trash, fill your social media with gratitude for these events and most importantly stop and talk to the young cyclist that are dreaming of doing what you are blessed to be a part of!

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