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Bike Parks

Bike parks are coming to many areas around the country.

Our vision is to add parks around our area. Bike parks allow kids, as well as adults, the opportunity to enjoy Living Life on Two Wheels in a safe environment.  

Living Life on 2 Wheels - Plattin Peaks Trails

Living Life on 2 Wheels has acquired a long term (15 year) trail easement on a large parcel of property located 2 miles down Plattin Road.

The International Mountain Biking Association came in and completed a feasibility study on the property confirming the over 40 miles of multi use trail potential.

  • Building trails for both hikers and cyclist, restoring these glades and giving the community access to enjoy this unique nature is our top priority.  

  • Dolomite Glades used to make up 400 acres of the Plattin property.  Due to cedar growth, the Glades now cover about 96 acres of the property. We are working with the MO Conservation Dept to utilize their support and assistance in restoring the glades.  

  • Not only will this project serve the entire Jefferson County community, but it will bring tourists to our area and help retain and improve the quality of life of our families. 

recent photo on the property from @stray_trails

In the plan, the park is broken up into 3 separate zones. Zone 1 focuses on biking beginner and intermediate bidirectional trails and perimeter access along with hiking trails.
Stray Trails, LLC from St. Louis
is in the process of building the
first 2 flow trails.

recent photo on the property from @stray_trails

The most recent visit with the kids...


Can't wait to get some wheels out there!

To donate towards the park, click here and choose the Cycling Park Initiative 

To get involved or to be put on our volunteer list, email

Living Life on Two Wheels 
Concept Plans


Read our full feasibility study here

Read our press release with Express Mart here

Living Life on Two Wheels Future Park Developments

We want to add features to local parks in Jefferson County. These features will include skills parks, flow loops, kiddie tracks, and pump tracks. Further additions include connecting parks in the Jefferson County area to promote safe cycling between the parks, schools, and developed areas.

Project Goals

Addition of cycling features in area parks.

Develop singletrack trails that deliver high quality experiences to the community.

Connect Festus and Crystal City to create a safe way to move through the cities.

Provide a racecourse venue and training facility for the new Missouri Interscholastic Cycling League with NICA.

Become a regional mountain bike destination.


Local News 

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Mountain bike park

Mountain Bike Park in Walnut Shade, MO

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