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2020 Gateway Devo Kit

Moving into 2020, and our tenth year for Gateway Devo Cycling Team, we knew what we had to do. Working with Micah Moran at Trek, our 2020 team kit was born. The difference is truly in the details, seen throughout our Verge Sport kits.

Last year I developed the all-new brand marks for the launch of the Gateway Development team. This year we wanted to dial up the pop in the peloton and push some boundaries with new color palettes. But at the same time we needed to keep some identity in place. The “GATE-WAY” on the jersey front is bold and unmissable, while the red and black colors plus anchored design elements on the shorts, back and sides remain the same. The pattern incorporates many new colors from the Trek color palette combined in previously unthought of ways. - Micah Moran

In cycling, riders demand the best from their equipment. Verge Sport does just that for us, allowing us to be comfortable and focused on the bike. With a vast array of on and off the bike clothing, we are able to represent who we are no matter what we are doing.

Verge Sport offers a range of cycling clothing for different situations. When we’re out at road races, such as the Joe Martin Stage Race, Redlands, and Tour of the Gila, Gateway Devo will be seen wearing the Verge TOR jersey, with the Lato version during the warm summer months.

Skinsuits have become very popular in recent years, offering comfort for all day riding. The Verge Sport Carrera is our go-to, particularly for its versatile design. A full-length breakaway zipper allows for added comfort, as well as pockets for on-body carrying.

On time trial days, Gateway Devo can be seen wearing the Verge Sport GO FAST skinsuit, allowing us to be as aero as possible.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Gateway Devo Cycling Team at USA Cycling Pro Road Tour (PRT) races this year!

Ride in style! Order our 2020 kit here:


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