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2018 Joe Martin Stage Race, Day 3

Today's Joe Martin Stage Race course was a 3.0 mile / 4.84 kilometer climb out of Devil’s Den State Park. The road was a steady climb 725 feet to the finish with an average grade of 5%, with most of the climb at 6% to 8%. A power climbers delight, maybe?

Scott Mcgill hung onto to his U23 6th position and Matt Zimmer had the best Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek Development Team time of the day!

So much can go right and so much can go wrong in the world of racing bicycles. Days like today we hope for the best and most of all we hope our guys all feel like they ended their TT in a good spot to lead them towards tomorrows goals and confidence. Time trials, unlike Crits and Road races put a racer in a mental block all by themselves. Individual pursuit can go either way but ultimately a team celebrates for the team and morns for the team as a whole. The sport of cycling is not for the weak at heart as often we witness the most talented riders be side swiped by doubt, regret and fear. Believe in chance, work hard and opportunity will come knocking.

Today and everyday is a race, not just a race to the finish but a race to map out what our tomorrow may bring. #noregrets #allforone #livinglifeontwowheels #nevergiveup

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