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The Underdog

Being a part of a great team goes beyond winning races. We have to surround ourselves with all the greats we can find. Great nutrition, great rest, great coaches and most of all great people. Last year

Snowy Mountain Photography blew our mind with their high quality ability to capture the emotion of our team. Of course when Morleigh and Nathan Schneeberger reached out to us about the 2018 season we jumped for joy to have them back in our corner again.

Climbing trees, hanging from bridges, hanging out of cars, climbing large rocks and wading through the mud and water are just a few ways Snowy Mountain Photography goes above and beyond the call of duty. Raising awareness for the underdog, working by design with women's and men's development team with a goal to raise awareness to the level we become a household name people identify with. That's a pretty incredible statement that came directly from Nathan and Morleigh as they delivered social media standards and expectations to the guys on the team. Meanwhile taking a whopping 3500 photos so they can deliver us with about 350 gems to share with the world to tell our story.

Here is a short list of some of the tips from Snowy Mountain Photography that they gave the guys on the team as a personal attempt to help each and every one of them develop and grow their own following as well as the team's exposure.

  • Talk intelligently about your sponsors on social media, tag them and thank them

  • Follow your sponsors, learn about the products, represent and speak to these products effectively

  • Constructive criticism goes a long way when delivered appropriately up the chain of command to help improve a product

  • Social Media....think twice, don't do it, to often there is a temptation to vent, it never looks good

  • Tell a story across all your social media's by working together in harmony with each other and the team accounts and share the images as a way to tell a story and grab peoples attention

  • Credit your photographer, regardless of who they are, always give the proper credit and don't add filters to their pictures

We are super blessed to have had Nathan and Morleigh join us again for team camp 2018 and they never disappoint the guys, with the wonderful mix of desserts they bring over to top off the days work!

Thank you both for believing in our program and helping us grow and develop well rounded, smart and respectfully presented cyclist. Thank you also for the great cheat sheet that supplied every rider with all the hashtags, contacts and links to insure our sponsors are well taken care of for the 2018 race season!! WE LOVE you both and all you bring to our program!

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