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2019 Valley of the Sun Stage Race, Time Trial

Excited to kick off the racing season and team camp, the boys all meshed well together from the get go. You sometimes never know if teammates are going to get along, but the key is to find ones that have some of the same qualities. For example, they love the sport of cycling but also love the camaraderie, the pain, the sacrifice. the discipline, the selflessness and the idea that sometimes in life you get something you don't want or expect. Being able to face diversion, the unplanned, the unlucky and the uncalled for is a part of growth as a pro athlete, friend, teammate and leader.

At dinner the guys went around the table expressing how they felt about their performance and how the different important elements of their day went. Most had a good warm up, good nutrition and felt good going into the time trial. A time trial is a race, but as Jim told us at dinner, it more than any other type of race, is the most controlled environment you can have in cycling competition. You set your routine, you figure out what works, how to warm up, what to eat, what to visualize. You lube your legs with Amp Human Performance because you know it is what will take your strength and stamina to the next level. You fill your water bottle with the best electrolyte product available thanks to Science in Sport and you fill your pockets with their gels to fuel you through to the finish so you can give your best result.

Butt....sometimes Shit come from Canada and your flight is delayed so many times that you end up with just a couple of hours of sleep, no bike bag and arriving just hours before it's your time to go. Your photographer friend you've never met personally , Snowy Mountain Photography, is kind enough to loan you his pedals and cleats. Or maybe you're feeling really good and you flat, so frustrating. Most common is that you feel good at the start and then maybe your nerves and confidence convince you to jump from the gate too hot and you can't find your rhythm. In cycling, just like life, you have to adjust and overcome. You have to know that tomorrow is a new race and everyday is a learning experience.

Things did go well today and yes we did have some challenges. Lesson of the day is that we appreciate and duplicate our winning routine and we will never take for granted all the great products on our legs and in our pockets that keep us amped and at the top of our game.

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