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Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 5 – Redlands Sunset Road Race

Coming into what might be the hardest stage in a race in the United States, the Redlands Bicycle Classic, the boyz (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek Development Team) we’re ready to defend the white jersey on the famous sunset loop. Consisting of 12 circuits of a highly technical and extremely hilly lap, good positioning was key. The first lap the squad was sitting top twenty for most of the lap. Axeon kept the pace tame and let small groups off the front only to be brought back. The break of the day finally went but Axeon kept them on a short leash. The heat of the day and difficulty of the course was slowly popping people off the back. Halfway through the race, the field was down to 60 riders. The name of the game was, "hydration", with this race of attrition...thankfully Hammer Nutrition always has our back!! As the final laps approached, the pace started to lift as the boys were still positioned well. With 2 laps to go UHC attacked hard up the climb and the field detonated. Sean Gardner, Matt Zimmer and Brett Wachtendorf were caught out in the second group on the road but a potential white jersey threat had made the lead group. The guys chased super hard for the remaining lap and a half. They had brought them within sight with a only a few kilometers remaining. This course does 5 crit Laps at the end of the circuits so if you are not in the lead group you get a pro rated time. Unfortunately the guys received this prorated time and it wasn’t quite generous enormously enough. While the white jersey may have been lost, the guys left everything out there and showed a next level of teamwork. The team has made amazing progress over these initial stage races and with the way they are working, a big result is only just on the horizon. Now everyone goes back home for a few week for some R&R and then back together again soon!

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