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2018 Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 3 - The City of Highland Circuit Race Moving into the White Jers

Despite a super hard race yesterday, the team recovered well and was ready to race aggressively on today’s stage. The race started with a short neutral rollout and consisted of 20 laps around a 2.8 mile circuit that included wide boulevards along with scenic residential streets with a hard climb and technical descent through a neighborhood. The race was full gas from lap 1. The team was aggressive all day with Matt or Brett in all of the important moves of the day. The field slowly dwindled down as the pace and hot weather took its toll. With 4 laps to go Reece and Scott positioned Dennis well for a good finish with Sean on his wheel. Unfortunately Dennis got swarmed in the final corner but Sean was able to finish with the leaders and pull on the best amateur jersey. Congrats to Sebastian Haedo and UHC on the win today! The squad is ready to defend the jersey for the next two days while still looking for some more stage podiums!

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