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2018 Dana Point Grand Prix

"We hope you see all the effort, teamwork and pure determination in the photos!"

The Dana Point Grand Prix race went off to a fast start until a big pile up in the first 7 minutes neutralized the field, rearranging and not letting the legs get cold was now the goal since we were going to basically have to start sprinting from the gun once again. The race was very animated, with all of the breakaways being too dangerous to be given much leash by the field, we were represented really well in most of them. The Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek Development Team took their turns to make some moves, with the hopes of getting a good group up the road, but the fast pace and course did not allow for that. In the end our sprinter Reece Robinson got swarmed and ended 15th in the bunch sprint, with Dennis Ramirez getting the last little bit of change in 19th. Congratulations to Scott Law and Elevate Pro Cycling for taking the win. As is the case with every race, lessons were learned and everyone is excited for the upcoming Redlands Bicycle Classic. The Dana Point Grand Prix was a great tune-up for the hard test coming up.

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