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Appalachian State Collegiate Criterium and the Chad Young Memorial Hill Climb

Super exciting weekend of racing for the Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek Development Team! Not only did we have one of our graduates, Bryan Gomez , now racing for Holowesko Citadel, lapping the field for a win at the Sunny King Criterium we had one of our new riders doing the same. Nice win by Scott Mcgill at the Appalachian State Collegiate Criterium...taking the win by lapping the field! Scott is in Fayetteville with his teammates today ready to take on the Joe Martin Stage Race!

Check out Brevard's Race recap featuring Scott!

Brett Wachtendorf and Daniel Lausin had a good time last weekend at the Chad Young Memorial Hill Climb. The Chad William Young Foundation goes to merit based scholarships and developments in technology to prevent traumatic brain injuries. See for more information. Brett finished in 5th with Daniel climbing to 17th. Both are training hard and on the squad for the upcoming Tour of the Gila stage race.

Show your support of local racing and bring your family out or make it a work team bonding exercise. There is no sport out there that you can take a group for free and experience the raw adrenaline of the bikes flying by and get a good understanding how good team culture means you learn to be good winners and get smarter from all the mistakes that can be made that may have lost that days race.

Happy racing and riding this week!! Stay on top of the Joe Martin Stage Race pictures and results by following Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!! Check out the team bios for links to their social pages so you can check out the behind the scene pics and updates of each riders race experience this weekend. Photos from Snowy Mountain Photography will be up on our website,

If we all could try and commit to picking up the trash we walk passed and smiling at the stranger within our view think how much nicer our world could be? #withinourcontrol #creedtipoftheiceberg #belikecasey

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