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The End of Winter... Racing! Tour of St. Louis, Tucson Bicycle Classic, CSU Cobb Lake Road Race &am

There was a whole lot of racing going on this last weekend of winter, race training at its best! You can google and read the mixed opinions on what some coaches think in regards to racing being a part of your training program and both sides have reasoning that makes sense in regards to physical training. Can your race efforts be enough to make strides in your overall power and physical efficiency, you know like what target intervals or overloads will accomplish? Some push naturally to the overload point because it's a race situation. The argument could go on and on but not looking to debate who is right or wrong, just thought is was a good lead into why I like our guys on the Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek Development Team racing a lot together early on. In pressure situations you learn how to be more cohesive and supportive to each other while learning more about strength and weakness. Reading a race, communicating with your teammates and knowing they each have the other's backs can take a team farther with less overall watts of power than a team or individual that lacks in these fundamental life skills. Plus, it's fun!! I know this mostly from being on the sidelines, though I have raced a few cross races and tri's. The support and concern coming across the group WhatsApp chat with the Team is a pure reminder of selflessness and true individuals being interested and excited about the success of each other. #takenotice #team

It was great having Matt Zimmer and Daniel Lausin in town this weekend for the Tour of St. Louis. They were able to get Matt on the 2nd step of the podium for the overall omnium! Congrats to Spencer Seggebruch on a repeat victory!

Joel Yates Spencer Downing & Sean Gardner had a great time this weekend at the Tucson Bicycle Classic They fought hard all weekend and ended up with Joel in 7th place overall. Congrats to Silber Pro Cycling on the Win! Thanks to Dave McElwaine for the awesome shots!!

Brett Wachtendorf was at the CSU Cobb Lake Road Race and in his words, "it was a fairly flat and wide open course which meant, lots of wind. The finish was at the top of a 300-400 m long kicker coming off a dirt road. It was hard to get away without someone following you up the road and bringing the entire field. Missed my opportunities and learned some lessons but hey, that's bike racing."

This awesome photo that captures what Brett describes was taken by Dejan Smaic! Thank you!

The seal has been broken... Congrats to Reece Robinson who took the top step today at the Majestic Crit in San Bernardino, CA ! Cannot wait to get these guys together!!

Spring is here....whooohoooo!!

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