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2020 Gateway Devo Kit

Moving into 2020, and our tenth year for Gateway Devo Cycling Team, we knew what we had to do. Working with Micah Moran at Trek, our 2020 team kit was born. The difference is truly in the details, seen throughout our Verge Sport kits. Last year I developed the all-new brand marks for the launch of the Gateway Development team. This year we wanted to dial up the pop in the peloton and push some boundaries with new color palettes. But at the same time we needed to keep some identity in place. The “GATE-WAY” on the jersey front is bold and unmissable, while the red and black colors plus anchored design elements on the shorts, back and sides remain the same. The pattern incorporates many new colors from the Trek color palette combined in previously unthought of ways. - Micah Moran In cycling, riders demand the best from their equipment. Verge Sport does just that for us, allowing us to be comfortable and focused on the bike. With a vast array of on and off the bike clothing, we are able to represent who we are no matter what we are doing. Verge Sport offers a range of cycling clothing for different situations. When we’re out at road races, such as the Joe Martin Stage Race, Redlands, and Tour of the Gila, Gateway Devo will be seen wearing the Verge TOR jersey, with the Lato version during the warm summer months. Skinsuits have become very popular in recent years, offering comfort for all day riding. The Verge Sport Carrera is our go-to, particularly for its versatile design. A full-length breakaway zipper allows for added comfort, as well as pockets for on-body carrying. On time trial days, Gateway Devo can be seen wearing the Verge Sport GO FAST skinsuit, allowing us to be as aero as possible. Make sure to keep an eye out for Gateway Devo Cycling Team at USA Cycling Pro Road Tour (PRT) races this year! Ride in style! Order our 2020 kit here: Order 2020 Gateway Devo Kit

Open Letter to the Walton Family

Dear Rapha Organization, Walton Family & Anyone willing to use their influence to grow Cycling, First off we want to thank the Walton Family Foundation and the Rapha Foundation for their commitment to providing the opportunity for children and families to experience cycling (Go check out all the work and initiatives to grow the sport of cycling the Walton's have and are doing). As most of you know there is really nothing to compare to feeling the wind in your face as you power through rolling hills especially by the side of a loved one. We are writing you all today because we also see the need to inspire more families like yours and ours to be engaged and bought in on all the positive impacts safe cycling space and culture can bring to the world. The Rapha Roadmap getting our attention was easy, we, my husband Chris Creed and myself, are a 10 year veteran owning and running the development road cycling team, Gateway Devo Cycling. We know first hand the struggle to fund and manage a budget in a world that relies on generosity from other evangelist to get our guys to the races. We also know like the back of our hand the impact of getting children outside enjoying nature as they push themselves mentally and physically. We have 6 boys, 1 girl and 1 in the oven, with the oldest being the girl at 18 and the youngest will be 3 in August. If I could turn back time I would have made sure my daughter had some friends to ride with, some girly swag and I would have made cycling include more than just a "racing environment". She gave it a try just like the boys but never learned to love it like they did. The boys naturally wanted to compete, pop wheelies and suffer so they could eat all the great treats and recoveries at the end of the ride. They also grew up with male cyclist for the most part living with us as we cheered them on and made them a part of our family. Back to my main point in writing to you. Your analysis, The Rapha Roadmap published by VeloNews is a great start and valid on so many levels. We see cycling at a grassroots level and we want to share our insight in hopes we can all work together as our goals are aligned. Our top 4 priorities to making the world a better place through cycling are explained in the following: Household exposure Domestic Cycling Our Local Communities Children are the future We will start with children as they are my personal favorite! The Future is in Children *NICA-- Access to practice trails and programs for kids to compete and interact with other cyclist will be huge in growing the sport for future generations. We are in process of raising funds to built a cycling park in our community (www.livinglifeon2wheels.com) and of course the leagues and camps will come to follow. *Get involved with the Strider Education Foundation....2 years ago after we sold our business and committed ourselves to passion and family we applied for a grant from Strider to put on a camp for kids with Down Syndrome (check out the photos). They approved us and in June 2018 we held a week long camp teaching 15 Downs kids and 2 Autistic children about loving and riding on 2 wheels. It was, by far, a highlight of our life. The love and excitement these children had was more payment than any job could ever provide. Today Strider has a foundation that is working diligently to bring cycling into grade school PE classes for Kindergarteners through 2nd graders. We took this program to the local school our children attend and as we walked through with one of the bikes in hand the kids gazed and pointed with excitement. Strider has the infrastructure to spread these programs across the Country, if we had the means we would make it a priority to get this program and others like it funded to complete their mission (#allkidsbike). We will continue to do all we can for these organizations. *Science....there is so much science to cycling! Have you ever experienced what goes on at a business that specializes in bicycle science, like at Cyclologic? They basically take your bike and your body and make them the most efficient unified machine as possible. Everything from how your bum hits the seat to the angle of your toes in your pedal stroke. Has someone written a chapter for children about all this great science? Schools are more open than ever to online studies and to "insert" workbooks than ever. Between the science behind how the bike works, power to weight, nutrition to fuel there is plenty to give the kids something very interesting and exciting to study. Domestic Cycling Teams No one likes to beg for money. As a team owner you work your ass off, utilizing your own resources to build the culture and to give talented kids what they need to pursue their dream. Like us, most of these teams are started because we love the sport, development and the idea that life truly is better on a bike. Gateway Devo Cycling is looking at more ways to become sustainable through establishing a revenue source. We personally come from a retail background so to us it is only natural to look for this as model for sustainability. We do not have a set plan or brick and mortar resource yet but we are working in multiple directions to come up with the right plan for our brand, Living Life on 2 Wheels TM . Some of ideas include: dual branding with specific products or items that cyclist enjoy (special coffee blend (Kaldi's), beer (Urban Chestnut), recovery or endurance athlete supplements (1st Phorm), rice cakes, bug spray, etc..), branded gear sales, monetize influence on the web (podcast, individual team exposure to grow fans and followers, product endorsement, video blog of behind the scenes of our race team, etc..) The specific companies I am highlighting are from our local community and we respect the impact they are making and the kind of people they are. We are not just looking for dollars but looking for Partners in a mission to make the world better. Some may have the idea that we should not share our intentions or plans to gain stability and growth, in fear someone might steal an idea. The reality is that we all are stronger if we work together and share with each other. There needs to be a support system to encourage development teams to find a longevity plan and to focus on growing people and the sport of cycling above RESULTS. Yes, we love results, we have just graduated our 10th and 11th riders to the Professional Level, but it is not our driving force as the culture of a team determines its true influence on the world and the sport of cycling. Our long time sponsor, Trek, has fostered this mentality we have in regards to our Teams purpose. We are #soproud of the work Trek has done beyond their great products. Trek brings us free live streaming of cyclocross racing in Belgium through DVV series, they brought free live coverage of the Giro Rosa (Women's Tour of Italy), they are strong supporters of NICA and they are leading the way for equal payouts in women's cycling. It is a fact, Gateway Devo Cycling has only made it this far because of the personal sacrifice from our family, friends, volunteers and the like minded sponsors who again, like us, believe that cycling opens a door to happiness and we choose which path to take. An organized regional round table for any of us like minded and passionate individuals to meet together and have the opportunity to learn from each other would be beneficial and create more impact. Ideas? Local Communities Building a state of the art Bicycle Park in our County is coming into place for my home town of Jefferson County MO. Not only will this have a huge impact on our culture as an outdoor, recreational community with interest in both physical and mental health but it will also have an economic impact that will strengthen the community. We started with a camp for Down Syndrome kids learning to ride strider bikes to developing the idea of a permanent year round park that is inviting to all skill levels and ages. NICA was just awarded to Missouri and in our plans we will be one of the race locations and will have new generations of cyclist coming out of Jefferson County. We also plan to connect our downtowns with parks and schools through a safe path/trail system that will give families a safe way to travel on bicycles. This was a new type of endevor for us and we believe the process can be streamlined and used in other interested communities across the country. From establishing a 501c3 all the way to the grants available in a community, through the state and federally. Things also like how to get community buy-in so that when it comes time to raise the funds you are not alone and you have others wanting to do it with you. IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) is the best resource we have found to help us through this process and we can't thank them enough for all the pre-work they have done. Household Exposure to the Sport of Cycling All of the above will have an impact on awareness to the sport and recreation of bicycling in homes across the country. You have already assessed a need to look at the structure of the sport to find ways to make its growth and teams more sustainable. We can only agree with your findings and can not speak to what the magic bullet may be at the Pro Level. What we do feel is that the world of cycling can do a bigger job live streaming more races and creating reasons for new fans to watch. The world is driven towards "stories" more so than just an event. How do we get more behind the scenes action, how do we learn about personalities, families and the struggles these racers face? Some do a good job on their own sharing video stories but we all need help with this. More documentary type shows or specials on Netflix about up and coming cyclist? Maybe Cycling fans can have a chance on Fortnite to pick up a Yellow Jersey Le Tour De France skin? Whatever the answer is, there needs to be a lot of outside the box thinking and input that will ultimately include a creative risk that many people are willing to take. We as a development team can continue to visit schools, go to community events and do our job in creating fans through social media. Remember though, most of us are struggling to pay race fees so hiring a videographer is not realistic though we know it would have a great impact on fan engagement. Getting with the Department of Transportation and adding signage for safety and awareness on the road is a necessity in all our communities, how do we streamline this? How do we make sure our new drivers are learning about the rights a bicycle has on the road and the safe ways to co-exist? We will figure these things out and work to improve them in our community but if someone already has accomplished this somewhere can they make it easy for us and share the process? Kudos to YOU! You all have our wheels turning, we want to grow your momentum throughout our communities. Keep the conversations coming and as we are sure you already appreciate...it's the great things that sometimes are the hardest to accomplish. Together we can change the world 2 wheels at a time!! We have spent the last 3 days in Bentonville, Arkansas exploring the OZ Trails and Parks. Commuting from about an hour away from my sister Debbie's house in Monett, MO. We all had so much fun and we ranged from age 2- 57 (watch NWA story highlights)! We will be back every chance we get and our thankful to have had this experience for the 1st time with our family at the peak of aligning our cycling park idea with our community in our home of Jefferson County MO. Walmart and Rapha Foundation, you have paved the way to creating the best cycling culture we can for our own community with benefits that go so beyond what any other one sport can accomplish. (Walmart heirs Steuart and Tom Walton want to make Arkansas one of the world’s greatest cycling destinations. That’s just part of their plan.) Thank you again Walton Family Foundation, Rapha Foundation and all of our contributors to getting our families outdoors to enjoy Living Life on 2 WheelsTM Sincerely, Chris, Rene', Aubrey, Axel, Rolen, Zane, Rocky, Maxwell, Thomas and #8 due to arrive after Thanksgiving #Walton #Rapha #NICA #IMBA #bicyclePark #VeloNews

Coming Full Circle

Photos by: Snowy Mountain Photography I’m not going to lie, when I agreed to go to the Redlands Bicycle Classic to direct the Gateway Devo Cycling team, I felt slightly heartbroken knowing I wasn’t going to be the one pinning on a race number on my jersey. I started racing seriously when I was 16 so you can imagine that the feelings of adrenaline, strength, pain and my love for the sport and my teammates all came rushing to the surface. As I grew up chasing after my cycling dream my first 2 coaches, Hector Ivan Palacio and Javier Montoya were very influential. They taught me the most in cycling and connected me to the right opportunities to continue to develop my passion which ultimately has played a part in me being a director at the 2019 Redlands Classic. I’m super grateful that while I raced I always took the time to notice and create an in-tune awareness for what was happening around me. This grown ability to read into different moves and to have a sense for how another rider is feeling or going to react in a race is not an easy task. Sharing this intuition previously with teammates and now as a director is very important to me and I believe very important for any competitive racer. My transition from racing to directing for the first time was what I expected for the most part. I have always looked up to my directors and staff for what they do, and would always try to make there job easier. Gateway Devo Cycling 2019 squad did just that for me and put in a lot of work. I personally developed a “work horse” attitude from my parents, I grew up watching them work so much and complete the jobs they had in hand. Regardless, they still had the time to be happy and this made an impact on me. Growing up in Colombia also opened my eyes to a lot of different things and helped me to realize that with help everything is much easier. I know when I help someone that this will come back to me in someway or another, and that makes it all worth it. Passing on my Colombian culture is something I am very proud of. What makes me the happiest is that we achieved all the goals we set at the beginning of the week. The commitment of the riders and the intentional good environment we tried to set for the week paid off. Obviously there are always some setbacks, but we were all able to overcome these problems and concentrate on everything that was within our reach. I left Redlands Bicycle Classic super happy with some of the best Redland's results the team has had in its history! #SoProud of the guys for putting in the work necessary and for the synergy of such a good mix of riders and friends. I was also stoked to receive some positive feedback and tips to help me in my journey on continuing to improve so I can have more chances in the role as director. Thanks to Gateway Devo Cycling for believing in me and thanks to all their sponsors, family’s and friends that help all of us enjoy #livinglifeontwowheels! -Dennis View our Entire Redlands Bicycle Classic Album Redlands Classic Results Page #bikeracing #RedlandsBicycleClassic #leadership

Not What you Wanted to HEAR?

Team camp is a wrap for me as I am now very excited about getting home to my 7 kiddos! I am supposed to be on my way to Dallas but due to the blizzard going on right now in Tucson all planes are grounded. Instead of getting negative like a lot of people here stuck at the airport with me I have decided to use this time to write up some details, thoughts and hopefully inspirations about the last week. Really my mind is going in a million directions with excitement for 2019 and life in general, I will try and keep this cycling related without going too far into my own head. We moved to Tucson Tuesday night so we were able to get the guys to Mt Lemmon and into some ideal riding conditions. The weather forecast has not been great but that’s not enough to stop a group of young and strong guys that have a love for pain. They tackled Mt Lemmon, did team time trial work, and rode for 3-7 hours pretty much everyday. They all have gone through fit adjustments this week which brings on new discoveries about themself, new aches and pains and a new targets in regard to their potential. Cyclologic is amazing, if you are not familiar you should go to their website and look around to get a feel for how scientific, personally specific and dedicated they are to insuring riders put themself in the best position they can to maximize strength, being aero and having an efficient use of energy. Considering the guys are all very young you would think “change” would be easy. It takes an unbelievable amount of trust and commitment to chasing your dream to be able to retrain your body and allow for what you thought was once comfortable to something that may be dramatically different but correct for you to improve. Being our 2nd year we have been blessed by Cyclologic and Trek for making this possible we have seen the results and testimonials of the guys that stuck it out from last year's squad. It is so important in this transition of comfort that the guys stay the course, give it time and follow through with any instruction from Barry or Paraic. Thank you Snowy Mountain Photography My big job this week is cooking, organizing, cleaning and filling in as “mom” for everyone. I love it, I do have 7 kids for a reason, I love everything about helping kids grow, feel valued and getting outside their comfort zone! My most favorite part of the entire week is getting to know the guys and when we do one on ones with them. I am leaving a day early...or at least trying to leave, so I will miss out on the private meeting with Hugo, Conor, Trevor, Isaac, Austin, all the new guys, I might have to skype in, I really hate to miss these. Reece didnt get to join us this time for camp but is with us in spirit. So back to the individual meetings, I can not even begin to tell you how proud I am to know and be a part of Scott, Sean, Evan and Joel’s development. These guys have come such a long way since last year. Don't get me wrong, they were great last year; very respectful, talented, hard working and good teammates. This year is different, I'm not just talking about strength, position, skill and determination. They have awoken their mental edge, something inside that can get them through not only races, but life. I sense they have a different level of awareness in regard to the opportunity they have earned. Maybe, just maybe their life has been touched in a way that will stick with them forever. You see, our goal is “development”, we believe there is a balance of life on the bike and life after the bike. We know our world needs leaders, good role model parents, team players and people like us that want to give back. Cycling itself needs athletes and fans alike to be willing to help grow current and future enthusiast. Children need a safe place to ride and upcoming cyclist chasing a dream of "Pro cycling" need a ton of support to have this chance. Trek has stepped up in such a huge way by supporting our small development program, Gateway Devo Cycling Team. Trek knows there is opportunity in growing the sport of cycling that goes beyond selling bicycles. More than ever the world needs more activities that can strengthen both mental and physical wellness, cycling is just that plus the adventure piece some of us hunger for that has no restrictions. If you have a resource you can offer to help grow the sport of cycling please do so, if not thru us, check with your local race scene or bike shop to find out how you can help. Assuming some may not know all the ways to support cycling I will list out what I can think of. @allkidsbike-Strider -has a program to bring cycling into K-1st grade, your community needs this and all kids deserve the chance to ride bikes. Host housing- race teams can not afford hotel rooms, if there is a race in your area the race web page will have a contact for anyone that can offer housing. For the most part being a host means you offer sleeping space, laundry room, garage and kitchen space. The teams are used to air mattresses, couches and making due. As a team we want to get to know our host and leave with them as our fans. Grocery Gift cards- When you burn between 2000 and 4000 calories a day you need a lot of fuel Gas Cards- Teams typical can not afford to fly to locations for races and there is a van, carpool and cross country road trip always involved. Vehicles- If you are a car dealer and love this sport than please try and find a team to help. Typically a caravan car and a team van is needed. We have a partnership proposal on our website and are currently looking for support in this area. Money- We, like most teams are made possible as a 501c3 that depends on support to stay alive. There is no revenue source currently set up to pay teams to exist. Race money, which is not much, goes back to the riders as most of them can not take a job during season due to training and racing schedule. If you know a good partner for us please forward them a link to our Partnership proposal or Make a Donation yourself. Watch the LIVE FEEDS- Cycling is an amazing test of strength and endurance and the team aspect is like no other. There is strategy to every move made and riders have to have an instinct that goes beyond reaction time in order to be at the right place at the right time. The sprints are timed, sketchy, a test of team communication, guts and strength. By watching and sharing live feed links your are spreading the love for others to hopefully become engaged in the cycling. Go to the Races: If you live in an area that puts on races than please go out and support them. There is so much work and commitment from a community to put these on. They need you there not only to be a spectator but to contribute to their economy. Races are expensive and communities with a ROI will keep putting on races. Teach your new and old drivers to look out and respect cyclist on the Road- Respect is a 2 way street, know the laws and value the lives of others. Work the Feed Zone- Parents, fans, friends and relatives….Teams need help in the feed zones. As long as you can handle reaching your arm out into a group of 60 cyclist flying by, you will be great. If you are a cyclist remember that you are always representing “cycling” in general. Don’t litter, flip the bird, disrespect property or others, break road laws or act like an ass. Remember we are all humans acting as humans but somebody has to always be the better "person". I should probably wrap this up. I am still at the airport with all flights out of Tucson still grounded. I am sitting on the floor by one of the only outlets in sight next to a young gentleman in a wheelchair. He is a very handsome guy, probably in his young 30s, with a Air Force Sticker on the back of his wheelchair. Strong broad shoulders, legs gone from the mid quad, with mechanical legs that look stealthy. I can tell just looking at this gentleman through his soft smile and polite demeanor, something he has probably had since childhood, that he has overcome more than most of us will ever endure. So much appreciation for those who sacrifice for others and so much respect for those who can overcome and persevere. I take nothing for granted, neither should you! Please give me feedback on what you want to hear from us. Race recaps, inside scoop on the best cycling realted products, personal journey of our racers and some of our perspective is on our radar already. We do this for you, so let us know if you enjoy it or want something different, thank your for reading/riding along and please share. Rene' #cycling #community #trek #cyclologic #bikeracing #family #leadership

2019 Valley of the Sun, Criterium

Photo Gallery by Snowy Mountain Photography Great morning today, beautiful 45 degrees outside! With a late start today for the Valley of the Sun Criterium we told the boys they were own their own or breakfast. Plenty of bagels, oatmeal, eggs, cereal and yogurt to choose from. I sat back and looked at all the different choices that were being made from eggs and avocado toast, to oats stacked with raisins, fruit, honey and brown sugar, to Joel's new love for Mrs. Butterworth syrup that inspired him to putting them on his eggs. Lots of food to say the least and tons of calories being consumed. As you may or may not realize in competitive cycling, nutrition is vital, not only in getting enough calories but in getting the right nutrients. Energy, recovery and strength are based as much around nutrition as physical training. Recovery is a part of how you can move towards peak athletic performance. These boys know how important recovery nutrition is and we want to help them own it.

So part of the fun in the guys doing their own breakfast is to get a feel for who has already stepped into nutrition independence, basically just means knowing how to be self sufficient in the kitchen. Either way, it's not a big deal, we are just there to help, there is no bad or good in this judgement. Again we are just looking for opportunity to help add some life skills that you have to have if you are willing to do what it takes to move through the process and ranks of being a pro cyclist. A bad meal is a choice, and not a big deal but every athlete has to be aware of what their body needs for it to hit peak and potential. Not looking to complicate anyone's routine, we just want to make sure they grow the skills to feed themselves enjoyable food they need to fuel their passion of choice. Again, eating a burger and fries is not going to throw you off course. Passion is at its best when you have balance and allow yourself to fulfill wants while you hammer at your needs to succeed!

The Crit was a blast for the team, again they followed the plan and most everything worked out to get the result today. Communication was there, we made the moves we were suppose to and we saved some guys for the sprint and they knew whose wheel to jump on. Scott McGill podiumed with 2nd place, all the guys were super stoked! Kudos to our team of young men's parents, we have a great group of young athletes They are respectful, polite, helpful and what we would all want in a son. Thank you for letting us be a part of this journey to helping them succeed at getting to the next level in cycling and reaching their goals! 2019 Valley of the Sun Crit Results #trek #valleyofthesuncriy #cyclingnews #bicycleracing #trekraceshop

2019 Valley of the Sun Road Race

Check out the full album, click here Photos by Snowy Mountain Photography Winners!!! Yes, we won in working together as a team, in executing the team strategy, in communication with each other and then with celebrating this win together around the dinner table at the end of the day. Sometimes strategy plays out and you don't get the results you want but as a development team hitting our 1st race together we couldn't be more proud of these guys. The kits are amazing and so easy to see the guys while working the feed zone. Head winds, cross winds and a big break that couldn't seem to work in sync with each other to stay away. The break ended up getting caught and our top 2 guys were Scott McGill in 10th and Evan Bausbacher in 13th. Like every race the team ends the night with going around and each saying how they thought the race went and what wins and maybe missed opportunities there were. In a road race there is always a break you didn't think would stick or a break that may have stayed away if you and your teammate jumped and went with it. Talking through all these scenarios will help prepare the guys to become smarter racers with quicker instincts in regards to following are creating moves. Also, just like any relationship, communication, trust and respect plays such an important piece in being a good team and this has to be practiced because just training on your bike is not enough. Tomorrow morning will bring an easy spin in the morning followed by Valley of the Sun, Crit Day in the afternoon! We moved on from the race and reviewed the plans for visiting Pariac, Barry and the crew at Cyclologic for our bike fits. 4 of the guys that already experienced this amazing scientific critique and adjustment were explaining it to the new guys. Scott described the difference it made for him and how messed up he was on his bike last year, prior to his visit to Cyclologic. Everything from his hips being off and how they fixed this, to how amazing it was coming from never having anyone fit him on his bike. It was unanimous from all of last year's squad at the table, what a huge difference the experience at Cyclologic had and we could not be more grateful for this opportunity. We will fill you in with more about it and pictures on Monday and Tuesday. Quote of the night : "If a frog has wings it wouldn't bounce away on its ass" … Jim Schneider Check out the full results, click here

2019 Valley of the Sun Stage Race, Time Trial

Click here to view more photos of todays Stage Race by Snowy Mountain Photography Excited to kick off the racing season and team camp, the boys all meshed well together from the get go. You sometimes never know if teammates are going to get along, but the key is to find ones that have some of the same qualities. For example, they love the sport of cycling but also love the camaraderie, the pain, the sacrifice. the discipline, the selflessness and the idea that sometimes in life you get something you don't want or expect. Being able to face diversion, the unplanned, the unlucky and the uncalled for is a part of growth as a pro athlete, friend, teammate and leader. At dinner the guys went around the table expressing how they felt about their performance and how the different important elements of their day went. Most had a good warm up, good nutrition and felt good going into the time trial. A time trial is a race, but as Jim told us at dinner, it more than any other type of race, is the most controlled environment you can have in cycling competition. You set your routine, you figure out what works, how to warm up, what to eat, what to visualize. You lube your legs with Amp Human Performance because you know it is what will take your strength and stamina to the next level. You fill your water bottle with the best electrolyte product available thanks to Science in Sport and you fill your pockets with their gels to fuel you through to the finish so you can give your best result. Butt....sometimes Shit happens....you come from Canada and your flight is delayed so many times that you end up with just a couple of hours of sleep, no bike bag and arriving just hours before it's your time to go. Your photographer friend you've never met personally , Snowy Mountain Photography, is kind enough to loan you his pedals and cleats. Or maybe you're feeling really good and you flat, so frustrating. Most common is that you feel good at the start and then maybe your nerves and confidence convince you to jump from the gate too hot and you can't find your rhythm. In cycling, just like life, you have to adjust and overcome. You have to know that tomorrow is a new race and everyday is a learning experience. Things did go well today and yes we did have some challenges. Lesson of the day is that we appreciate and duplicate our winning routine and we will never take for granted all the great products on our legs and in our pockets that keep us amped and at the top of our game. Check out the results and the rest of the weekends events!!

Valley of the Sun Stage Race

2019 Elite & U23 National Road Cycling Championships.

Really positive weekend for me in Napier (home of New Zealand’s Pro Nationals for the last 4 years). I went into the weekend with a strong focus on the Time Trial as it was my last year U23 and wanted to really contest for top honours and wear the Silver Fern for the following year. I wouldn’t say I was confident going into the Time Trial on Friday because you never really know exactly how the legs will feel because it’s such a hard event to prepare perfectly for. Fortunately I had alright legs in the warm up so I let the atmosphere soak in and just wanted get stuck into it.

I clocked a time of 55 minutes and 1 second. Placing me 5th... A result I wasn’t particularly happy with but also a result I couldn’t be unhappy with. A solid performance and a personal improvement on the course of 55 seconds give or a take a few. Time Trialing is a event that takes a lot of work and it’s something I’m really passionate about so to see such a large improvement in only a year is something really special for me and a big confidence booster heading into my second season with Gateway Devo Cycling Team.

The Road Race on Sunday was something else. I had a plan to get in the early break knowing the final city circuit is really vertically demanding... I know I’m not as quick up the climbs as the likes of George Bennett (Rider for World Tour Team Jumbo-Visma) and Paddy Bevin (Rider for World Tour Team CCC). I achieved that goal after barely a kilometre or mike into the race and the group worked really well for the first 10-20mins to establish a healthy gap reach almost 4 minutes on the rural circuits before cresting the first climb of the inner city circuit. Knowing I’m not super fast on the climbs I wanted to ride them from the front so that I could ride at my own tempo to stay as comfortable as possible. Turned out this tempo was a little too hot for a few from the breakaway eventually narrowing down from 12 to only 4 when the winning move from James Fouche (Team Wiggins Le Col) launched with 3 laps to go. From there it’s a bit blurry, fatigue started to kick in and also the thought of knowing I was on for at the least a top for a nationals was kicking in.

It was a day on the bike when everything seemed to feel right... On those days I’ve learnt it’s important to forget about the names and faces that are riding next to you and get the best out of yourself regardless of who is on your wheel. It happened that that day there were more than a hand full of riders behind me that I look up to and it wasn’t until I had crossed the finish line that, that was the reality. Being a real part of the race with all the big guns was the biggest win for me.... not the result. Visualising in training what I wanted to do on the day and then it happening is probably cooler than any medal or number on a sheet.

I ended up 4th Across the line and 3rd placed U23 Rider.

I can’t wait for 2019 with Gateway Devo Cycling Team. I’ve come a very long way since this time last year. Let’s see what we can do. Thank you Concept 78 and Cullen Brown Photography for capturing the moment! -Joel #2019EliteU23NationalRoadCyclingChampionshi #cyclingnews

USA Cycling Pro National Championships

USA Cycling Pro National Championships are well underway! Super proud of Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek Development Team, check out the results here and our photo album by Snowy Mountain Photography. #USACyclingProNationals #cyclingnews #trek

Family Night at the Races - CREEDSWORLD vlog #52

Tuesday nights have always been fun around here. Big Shark Bicycle Co. puts on an amazing event, week in and week out in Carondelet Park. As our family has grown, so have the number of bikes we bring to the park. Thanks for watching, if you like it, please hit the like button, subscribe, share with a friend, and leave me your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks so much. Be sure to check out our website: https://www.livinglifeontwowheels.com Follow along on all of our other channels: https://www.facebook.com/chris.creed https://www.facebook.com/GatewayHarle... https://twitter.com/GHDcycling https://twitter.com/creedmonster https://www.instagram.com/creedmonster/ https://www.instagram.com/gatewayharl... https://www.snapchat.com/add/creedmon... https://www.snapchat.com/add/ghdtrek #family #bicycleracing #trek

Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 5 – Redlands Sunset Road Race

Photo Album By Snowy Mountain Photography Coming into what might be the hardest stage in a race in the United States, the Redlands Bicycle Classic, the boyz (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek Development Team) we’re ready to defend the white jersey on the famous sunset loop. Consisting of 12 circuits of a highly technical and extremely hilly lap, good positioning was key. The first lap the squad was sitting top twenty for most of the lap. Axeon kept the pace tame and let small groups off the front only to be brought back. The break of the day finally went but Axeon kept them on a short leash. The heat of the day and difficulty of the course was slowly popping people off the back. Halfway through the race, the field was down to 60 riders. The name of the game was, "hydration", with this race of attrition...thankfully Hammer Nutrition always has our back!! As the final laps approached, the pace started to lift as the boys were still positioned well. With 2 laps to go UHC attacked hard up the climb and the field detonated. Sean Gardner, Matt Zimmer and Brett Wachtendorf were caught out in the second group on the road but a potential white jersey threat had made the lead group. The guys chased super hard for the remaining lap and a half. They had brought them within sight with a only a few kilometers remaining. This course does 5 crit Laps at the end of the circuits so if you are not in the lead group you get a pro rated time. Unfortunately the guys received this prorated time and it wasn’t quite generous enormously enough. While the white jersey may have been lost, the guys left everything out there and showed a next level of teamwork. The team has made amazing progress over these initial stage races and with the way they are working, a big result is only just on the horizon. Now everyone goes back home for a few week for some R&R and then back together again soon! #California #Redlands #RedlandsBicycleClassic #bicycleracing

2018 Redlands Cycling Classic, Stage 4 – City of Redlands Criterium

2018 Redlands Classic Album Recap from Stage 4 at the @redlandsclassic. The race was super fast and aggressive from the start, @hbaxeon set a fast pace to control it. Attacks went throughout but the right combination of riders never got together, so other teams kept chasing them down too. 30 minutes in there was a big crash that caused the race to be restarted, @dondennisrmz went down in it but was okay. For the rest of the race it was a similar story, @scottmcgill11, Dennis and @reecewnrobinson were in great position with 5 laps to go, but got seperated with 3 to go, and we couldnt get back together with the pace ramping up again. Scott was our best finisher in 12th on the day. @sean_the_gardner retained the Best Amateur Jersey heading into today’s final stage, the infamous @beavermedicalgroup Sunset Road The guys are stoked for an epic day of racing!! It all kicks off at 2 pm Cali time. #Redlands #RedlandsBicycleClassic #California #bicycleracing

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