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Bringing Bikes to Schools

We are excited to get bikes in schools across Jefferson County, MO! Bicycles in PE class has been proven to increase engagement in students, fight childhood obesity, and many more lifelong skills.


With the help of Express Mart, we recently raised $30,000 in our community Express Mart locations! With this fundraising, we will be equipping 6 local schools with their fleet of Strider's, as well as the curriculum included in the All Kids Bike program. Express Mart is continuing fundraising through their upcoming fishing tournament! 


Click the button below to learn about the tournament, as well as our upcoming fundraiser with Enterprise Bank!

We are proud to partner with All Kids Bike to bring bicycles to kindergarten and first grade PE classes. All Kids Bike has helped 220 schools get a bicycle program, and have impacted nearly 200,000 kids across the country. 

Interested in bringing bikes to your school?

Please fill out the form below to submit your interest!


Resources and Research

Click here for All Kids Bike Resources

“Children who begin biking or walking to school at an early age (Grade 1+) are more likely to stay a healthy weight during their early school years.”


Pabayo, R., et al., 2009 – Sustained Active Transportation is associated with a favorable body mass index trajectory across the early school years: Findings from the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development birth cohort, 54,The more traffic surrounding a child’s home, the more likely they are to be overweight or obese.

The All Kids Bike panel, “The Physiology of Early Childhood Biking” discusses the physical development of toddlers and kindergarteners, including balance and muscle strength. It also examines how exercise improves children’s health, including cardiovascular, motor skills, coordination, weight management, skeletal development, and the immune system.


VIEW: All Kids Bike Health and Education Symposium- Physiology of Early Childhood Biking.

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