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Check out our Nutty way of trying to raise money for this program!  Inspired by health and food I decided to purchase pecans from a local farm and season them up to sell!!  All proceeds go towards our FREE Strider Camps!  Buffalo, Praline, Dark Chocolate, Sugar Free Cinnamon and Parmesan flavors available.  All but the Praline are keto and diabetic friendly!  

Thanks to our donors and sponsors we provide the training and all the equipment needed to teach 3-7 year old Down Syndrome kids how to enjoy life on 2-wheels.  With your support as a part of our FREE Camp each child will go home with a Strider bike, helmet and the ability to enjoy life on 2-wheels!!  Thank you to all those already on board to help.

We have 17 registered 3-7 year old children ready to learn how to enjoy the freedom of  2 wheels at our June camp.  The gratitude from the parents has been overwhelming in regards to how thankful they are to have a way to get their child off the porch watching the neighbors enjoy two wheels to being out there themselves.  We have an autistic child joining the camp as well and hope to be able to offer a camp soon specifically for these families.  We are starting at 10 am on June 1st and will be providing a family picnic to all the participants and their families in between the 2 sessions.  Special thank you to the  Jefferson County Developmental Disabilities Resource Board for providing the funds to cover the family daily picnics.  All are welcome to cheer the kids on and again all donations make a difference!

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