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Strider Camp

Tour de Kid

Strider Academy is a free camp offered to children with Down's syndrome, and other learning disabilities. Each child will receive their very own Strider balance bike, as well as a helmet fitted for them. The camp runs for five days, and is an experience they will never forget.

We will teach them how to ride a Strider balance bike, opening up the path to the adventures and happiness two wheels bring. What they learn will change their lives forever, all through the power of Living Life on Two Wheels. 

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Having a sister with Down syndrome, I learned 1st hand how precious and capable these children are. We want to provide an opportunity in the earlier stages of life to show Down syndrome kids just how capable they are and that we believe in them. The special kind of love Down syndrome kids express goes beyond words and hugs. The commitment, loyalty, and drive to improve in everything they do are common amongst Down syndrome individuals. To work with my sister Sarah is like working with someone who is excited everyday to just be here. Someone that wants to do extra and wants to help beyond her assigned duties. I have heard from HR professionals how they wish all their employees had Sarah's attitude and desire to learn. Fortunate for Sarah, she had lots to keep up with as she is #9 out of 10 children with parents that allowed her to participate at some level in all the things us kids were doing. If you have or know a Down syndrome child, then you know why we call them special.

- Rene Creed

Rene & Sarah

strider camp sisters.jpg

Please consider contributing so we can continue to change the lives of children. Your contribution will go towards supplying each child with a Strider balance bike, helmets, and other equipment. The goal is to keep this program free for the participants, which is only possible through donations.

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Do you have or know a child that is interested in Strider Academy? Or do you want to learn more about the program, and stay updated? Fill out the form below, or feel free to reach out through our chat at the bottom of the screen! 

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