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2018 Joe Martin Stage Race, Day 2

Thank you Joel Yates for the twitter feed today and the help with the race recap!

Team plan for the day was to set up either Scott Mcgill or Dennis Ramirez for the final and to make sure communication and positioning in the front of the pack was better than yesterday.

The day begun with a flurry of attacks as expected with all the teams looking to take advantage of Holowesko Citadel having the task of controlling the field with the yellow jersey in hand. We managed to get Evan Bausbacher into the break of 10 riders which quickly took a gap on the field that peaked out at 3 mins 30 secs.

Besides a few punctures the day was, for the most part, un-eventful through the middle section of the race until the field swung onto Mount Galer where the break broke into pieces and the peloton begun their chase for the lead riders.

We were well positioned coming into the final 10 km and the plan was executed to perfection with Reece Robinson launching Scott Mcgill and Dennis Ramirez into the front of the pack in the diving few corners. Scott Mcgill had a great ride to finish in 10th and remain in 6th place on U23 classification 40 seconds behind 1st place.

Another fun and uphill stage tomorrow, Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek is so thankful for such great opportunity races like the Joe Martin Stage Race provides. Great road, great fans and such a beautiful part of the country, if you haven't experienced a first class stage race as a fan and spectator you should, there is nothing like it.

Top secret picture below is a sneak peak of how our guys like to get mentally prepared for the next day's race. Don't try this at home!

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