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By the 6th Day of Team Camp

By far my favorite part of team camp is to have the 1 on 1 interviews with the guys to get a feel for how they think. I am always amazed for the most part of the level of selflessness all of them have. Here they are chasing their dream of being a pro cyclist yet they realize #1 what it takes to be a good teammate over everything else. They are disciplined enough to set steep goals and at the same time humble enough to know their own weakness. I always walk away from these couple of days with the amazing feeling of being a part of something that is making an impact in such a great hopefully long term way. I believe that in life when you do something for the right reasons it always works out like it is supposed to, not always how you want it to though. This means that some will move on to be Pros and some will be the best teammate imaginable. Our hopes is that they all learn the value of what can happen when others believe in you so they can pass this on in whatever other callings they may have in life.

With just 6 days of camp under our belt and 7 interviews I am pretty proud of what this group of guys have vocalized as standards for the 2018 squad.

  • Always Re-cap the race to go over where we did well and what we could have done differently to get a better result

  • Everyone who is in the pack at the end is expected to be at the front

  • No Excuses---EVER

  • Do Mindfulness as a TEAM

  • Visualize the win, the feeling, who you talk to after the race and how you would train after getting the win, what does your life look like after you have reached your goals

  • Be a leader and give direct feedback to your teammates to help teach and grow them

  • Positioning, don't let your brain get in the way, just do it because you deserve to be there

  • Be a strong mentor for your teammates and lead by example

  • Be ready to do your job and always be willing to be a workhorse, go on the line for your team

  • Team success is #1

These guys are pretty amazing, hugely strong and talented, can't wait to see how the season plays out.

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